Into the Fog…

Nikon D850 | AF-S NIKKOR 16-35 mm 1:4G ED VRISO 64 | f/8 | 1/160 s | 16 mm It’s not a colourless rainbow, it’s a fog-bow. What a perfect moment, high up in the north close to Gallivare beginning of October this year…

Evening Mood

As we went up to the swiss alps that weekend, we started with heavy rain and no view to the surrounding mountains. However, at the next morning, the sky was clear followed by a coloured and moody evening… … Continue readingEvening Mood

Laponian Sunset

What a night. On our trip to the north, we found a beautiful place for the night, close to a small lake. The aurora borealis index was quite high and we were really lucky to get this stunning northern lights during the ending twilight. … Continue readingLaponian Sunset

Morups Tånge Fyr

Der Leuchtturm Morups Tånge ist heute das älteste funktionierende Feuer in Schweden, dass noch seine ursprüngliche Linse hat. Er stammt ursprünglich aus dem Jahr 1843 und wurde im Jahr 1930 elektrifiziert. Größere Karte anzeigen zurück zur Übersicht